‘There is no Present like the Time’

I remember this little twisted idiom from a movie ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’. “There is no Present like the Time”, it kept popping into my mind as I put my crystal photographs on these clocks on redbubble last week.

The theme of time and value of taking the time now, has shown up a lot in the past week.

I recently returned from a little break where not one of us needed or wanted anything from each other, we were all there to take time to show someone that mattered to us, that we loved him by sharing ourselves.

It went beyond ‘blood family’ that is often seen as all that matters. We became a family by sharing ourselves with each other. We all had time to share what we were feeling, the whole gamut.

We discussed what was going on in our lives, how we felt, no trying to fix things or suggesting things to try to help, just listening to each other. There was no ego involved, trying to sell what we personally do. We had a commonality, we valued each other, so we took the time.

Time, sadly is one commodity which a lot of people do not value. In todays constantly networked world where we see the push to make money. We forget that the best gift we can give someone is our time and attention without a hidden agenda.

In a world where we want it and we want it now, the gift of time and sometimes waiting, gives us the space to make sure we are still in tune with our “Why”. That ‘why’ has to be bigger than making a lot of money. So what is your reason behind the reason, What is your ‘Why’?

I quite often ask ‘Why’?, before I put something out there. What’s my goal or motive, the reason behind the reason. If we lose our why, it’s just a matter of time before we lose our voice.

Time is one thing we can’t buy more of but we can make an effort to make the best of the time we have. To share our time and ourselves with those we love whether ‘family’ or friends, just because we can.

I’m probably doing myself out of sales here but money is not my ‘Why’ and hopefully will never be. Yes, I make a living from something I love to do but while I’m waiting to decide on the next batch of photo’s I’ve taken, I’ll check on my “Why” and share my voice and maybe something I’ve written will resonate with you. Just a reminder we belong to a family called Humanity.

Thanks for reading

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