The Lion’s Gate – to live as a verb in this sense of place

Welcome back to the scratching of a blog that is Earthousedoodle. As everyone knows we are in the midst of ‘The Lion’s Gate”. To some it is just an astrological phenomena. Being born under the sign of Leo on the 8th August, the Lion’s Gate, I feel I have to write this piece not as a description but as an experience. To go beyond the story with a new way to see, understand and engage in somebody else’s world.

To live as a Verb

Sometimes I feel like a verb in this world instead of a person when strong energies are present like now. We all know a verb describes an action a state, an occurrence or a state of being. It’s like finding a focus, a signal in the noise that can feel like home.

When we have cleared something that is not working it is really hard sometimes to even describe a sense of place like the Lion’s Gate.

A sense of place is a social phenomenon that exists independently of any one’s perception or experiences, yet is dependent on human engagement for it’s existence. It involves letting in this higher will into our own “I will”.

It is a place of stillness, to remember the stillness inside, our self worth and value. Having an open heart and opening to the limitlessness of the Universe that sustains us and recognising it in ourselves and those people in our lives.

When an opportunity like this comes along, the choice is always ours to take it or leave it.

Change is welcome

It’s a time when people are not afraid of Change. It’s not that everyone likes Change but most have already been through it so many times and have managed it with care and dignity that they no longer dread it

We just have to remember the most frightening task is the creation of new value in our lives. This can cause such fear in some, as if our heart clinches in our chest threatening to suffocate us with this fear.

What could be so terrible as to cause such inner crises?

Is it the unknown, the new motion, the self propelling? Could it simply be the fear of change and loving ourselves enough to let go of past burdens that we have worked through or the thought of the blank slate of Freedom that calls to us, leaving us wondering if we can do it.

The Sacred “No”

The time of the Sacred ‘No’ is needed The casting away of ideologies and parochial burdens and patterns burdening us and instead seizing a new dawn.  All of our stories hold the energies of our lives. Some are worth keeping, maybe it’s those that we learned from, that we can re-tell because the emotions attached no longer exist.

This is the time where we no longer will let in those that fear our light. It is such a powerful energy with firmness of purpose – self healing, inspiration and self improvement.

Authentic Courage

So with our hair wild and our hearts pressed up against the uncertainty of the work our being is ready for its becoming,

To remember the gift of the Lions Gate, the gift of the next step up in the Wheel of Life, a gate to stepping up to the next level and transforming what we perceive to be inertia but is really our verbness, our return to innocence into authentic courage. The courage to speak your truth and do what you came here to do, whatever that may be.

I find my answers in Nature, something so grounded. This image is of Citrine, a Crystal, an element, mirrored upon itself. It expresses to me the energy of the Lion’s Gate. The message of the Lion’s gate? To never forget to express what is in our hearts and with eyes wide like a child, to have the courage to see the world anew.

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