‘Sojourn into the Grateful Noise’

With the end of 2016 I was clearing out my hard drive and came upon this macroshot. I thought it might be appropriate for January of this new year of 2017. This shot was taken 13 years ago. It’s called ‘Sojourn into the Grateful Noise’.

This shot was taken in 2004, back during my search for inspiration. The beauty of this Amethyst Flower or cave made me question everything I had ever believed. It was the beginning of a path again into a world that I had loved and knew but everything was different some how. It was a place without the weight of any objectives, that can so easily crush the seeds of thought necessary to begin down an adventurous path.

It reminded me today of one particular days end in 2004, where I stood on my deck, saw the evening sky and just let the Universe hug me. I used to wish on stars, dream and had such a longing for the good things to come in my life. Now in 2017, the feeling of the Universe hugging me, is still the hug that never ends. It is something I feel everyday, in my relationship with my partner Roz whether she is with me physically or not, still on my back deck. I have also rediscovered it in old friends and new friends.

I have just spent the most amazing times over the Christmas break and New Year catching up with friends that I have known since my twenties. They are old friends but we didn’t talk about old times or children or grandchildren, we talked about what we are doing right now, what was going on, what we might like to do in the future, what we might like to do together and left it open. We saw each other, not our jobs or our pasts but our true selves right now, in some cases for the very first time where intentions were finally realised but not spoken. We had all changed and are still changing and going with it without neglecting what people sometimes consider the mundane – everyday life.

I did question a few weeks ago where to go with what I do now, that timing is everything. Having come from 34 years of caring for people, I find myself finding the beauty in Nature, in Crystals, a beauty some may never see, making this beauty practical bringing the inside out just because I love to. In saying that, my professional background of being a nurse, a naturopath, a homoeopath, graphic designer and writer is culminated in what I do now, combining the how and the why as I continue to learn something new every single day from what I do and from those around me. Looking at the next step, admitting I don’t know everything but always willing to learn as I continue to do what I need to do right now.

In January 2017, the new year as it gets going, we find ourselves in a world with objectives, aggressive action, stubbornness, the statements like ‘I will succeed’, ‘Out with the old, in with the new’.  A deception sometimes, of mental substance wanting change and so much more without dealing with the right now.

As an empath, I’ve been feeling it in my heart and it hurts sometimes, not a physical pain, a pain of yearning that some believe we may not have enough, despair felt from the world that seems to be squashing the hope of peace with the fear of Change. Change is inevitable, either we change or the world changes us. If it’s Freedom we want, the only true freedom comes from within but people will have to find these things for themselves. In saying that, because I feel it so strongly, I write about it.

The sojourn begins again into the Grateful Noise, that of feeling, where my heart talks to my mind asking why. It got me questioning how it is in my own life and with what I feel in the world, the why and how that is. Why was it having such an effect, all this aggressiveness and push for success, the ‘why’ and ‘how’.

Our ‘why’ is usually neglected because ‘how’ is more easily defined. ‘How’ is more easily framed, where its easier to recognize our failures, those things that did not happen for us, rather than those of strategy or purpose. It’s simpler to ask, ‘how do I do this’ than to answer ‘why does this need to be done’.

The ‘how’ is about a task, the ‘why’ regards the objective of our work. If we understand the objective, why should there be a need to be so aggressive and stubborn? When we understand the objective we have to also understand the importance of context, where these contexts in life including timing, are always shifting.

Yes, objectives can guide the process toward an effective end but they don’t do much to help one get going on an unknown path. So many want it now, are impatient, on a mission and it is showing, turning friends into competitors and judgements are being made, separation at its worst.

Beauty is palpable, while intentions and objectives are largely invisible. Somethings end, showing us ‘how’ is more popular than ‘why’. Sometimes we do things not out of necessity or responsibility, we do them for pleasure and out of love.

Why we do things motivates and the space between is enthusiasm, which will always be truly found within first, its the difference between simply understanding something and reading a book that one identifies with and loves. Are we being centred or are we the centre of attention.

Beauty goes beyond trying to make something work better, just as strategy execution is not a moment in time, it’s thousands of moments across time.

So for this new year, having looked at our goals combining how and why, it is a time to question what we think we know. Let’s remember that the extraordinary is as likely to reside in the ground beneath our feet as in the stars above our heads. Our abilities will not simply be measured by our willingness to explore new ideas and new territory but also through the ways that we are able to apply new ideas to familiar territory. Let us not speak of levels of judgement but let’s look at life as life truly is: the way we make it and the way we alone choose to live it, supporting each other on our own journeys, welcoming change, being flexible with it, incorporating all facets of our lives with it.

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading.

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