Mojo Crystals – break barriers

It seems right now that we may find ourselves reacting to changes that life is bringing us. Sometimes we go backwards, to our old ways when we find ourselves reacting because we may find ourselves unable to step up and respond and start a new cycle.

We check our ‘roots’, what gives our lives meaning and happiness, what we have done and are doing that is working, our purpose, our partners, families, communities. It’s easy to be a ‘big fish in a little pond’, comfortable, where everyone knows us but the challenge is to take our ‘largeness’ our inner ‘freedom’ outward across what we perceive to be limitations, accepting our vulnerabilities which are our strengths. To step up to change what we are doing yet again.

The idea behind Mojo Crystals

A few days ago, my partner Roz, snapped a photo of me painting the rafters on our new deck, she hacked my Facebook account and put the photo on it.

It was the day that this whole idea for Mojo Crystals finally came together after about 7 weeks of doing the initial photography.

The photo was a private moment for me, a small achievement, it might seem for some, but I haven’t been able to do anything like that for about three years, never thought I would again.

Since October last year, I have consciously been improving my health after being diagnosed with a medical condition. I’ve been having fun as well as getting out more to visit family and friends, meeting like minded people and continuing to ‘play’ with Crystals, all the things I love.

It’s been a really hard thing to do sometimes. It wasn’t a matter of wanting to be better. I wanted to be the best I could be with what I’ve got, right in the present moment, and really enjoy my life and those in it. Love was the reason for it all, learning to love myself yet again on so many levels, in this new cycle, little by little. Loving my imperfections, accepting them from the inside out, doing all I could do to help myself and finding those that could help me when I asked and was ready.

The photo wasn’t for recognition, I was caught in the act of doing  something I had always loved, having so much fun with my tongue poking out. As with anyone, physical and emotional issues can hold us back from doing things. I was doing something, in this case beyond what I thought were my physical limits. Sometimes only those closest to us, see how hard we work to achieve our goals. In my case that is my partner Roz, our family and closest friends.

Sometimes in the doing, ideas come.

As I was painting, the final idea for Mojo Crystals came. Looking at the sky through the rafters, the idea of abundance and limitations came up. It was that feeling of inner freedom again. Remembering having had that feeling with the current ‘Unfolding of Crystals series’.

I suddenly remembered that feeling was there when I wrote a few years ago as part of my own healing, core values during a major time of Change, for me it was grounding of the ‘Divine Feminine’, a common sense approach, something which can go right out the window during times of change. My book started with a love and affinity for Crystals.


This world can be complex.

Barriers exist to separate,

a place where there is no control.

Situatons and people make you feel hurt.

By dealing with and accepting these feelings,

you open yourself up more.

To be vulnerable is to have inner strength.

Once you recognize it, you know it, you feel it

Lose all sense of self-consciousness,

where you are not concerned with people watching you.

What you want to do in this world

calls up challenge and skill.

which is complexity and attention.

Consciously start developing that skill and exercise the challenge

By direct activity in the direction of your goal.

If you can’t do what you want to do right now,

find something else you can do now,

still heading towards your goal.

When you start developing that complexity

In your current situation,

the situation becomes less in control.

Be open minded,

feedback leads to commitment and centering.

You obtain clarity and the ability to move forward,

a sense of unity with others can be found, beyond time and space.

That is the fabric of the future.

To realize vulnerability is at your core

Is to know your strength.

Say and do everything with intention, integrity and truth.

Once you realize that strength,

you can be in any situation

being responsible for yourself.

The real you,

the true you, can emerge

Let self-consciousness go, break barriers.

                                                                      Excerpt from Lightning Seeds: Journey through the Rainbow

This time around this freedom is turned into intention and invention. Where consciousness creates intentions – a process where we invent how we want to live from the inside out and bring that into manifestation. This writing about vulnerability is the basis for Mojo Crystals.


When time ends you are freedom

We have to remember that our truths may not be that of others. I am nothing but grateful for my vulnerabilities and sensitivity as an empath.

How do you express something so personal, that feeling of freedom inside when it hits. Where the present moment becomes a shimmering , vibrant reality I marvel again at how simple and perfect life really is, right in the present moment, for me this lesson of letting go has been a vital one. I try to express that in this batch of my crystal photography.

Each time I did let go of whatever I was holding onto internally, a belief, a resentment, an expectation, I’d feel a new sense of freedom, of lightness.

Doing this showed me that I could let go of something I’d been holding onto and it was alright, where the more I was able to let go of what I believed were my limitations, both physical and emotional, the more I discovered beneath the surface conflict in my mind, there was something deeper awaiting me.

With each letting go, space would open up and a new insight, that feeling of awe would come, so familiar but sometimes elusive when we forget.

I haven’t met a human being who didn’t have, somewhere inside, this love for freedom, for unrestrained self expression, for play and creativity even though outwardly thwarted, despite the  limitations and conformity we find ourselves in, this is Mojo.

It is so easy to follow a crowd, instead of being in your truth. remembering that when we remember love, time ends and we become freedom, not a person seeking freedom, but freedom itself.

I hope you will join me in this series of Mojo Crystals, the images will be available soon, thanks for reading this time around.x

Mojo crystals – break barriers

Combining Crystals with a humanistic view of Sacred Geometry. A communion in the objects of real and universally recognized worth and association of like mind, that of intention, integrity and truth. Here we find unity in diversity, and design our lives within multiplicity of form. This is the great paradox of life.

Copyright: lightningseeds®2017

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