In Heaven and Earth

So the scratching of a blog that is Earthousedoodle  continues to decision time.

The other day, I witnessed a storm, a rainbow and beautiful mammatus clouds in the heavens coloured like a piece of Tangerine Quartz.

Displays like that remind us how amazing Nature really is. For some,  it can be so much more such as a personal message from those we know watch over us. I believe when we get unfocused our loved ones make the biggest of displays just so we don’t miss it because we are too preoccupied with achieving and doing to the point of utter exhaustion. Usually on seeing a Rainbow, it’s a brief glimpse but this show just seemed to linger in the heavens. I even went back inside for 10 minutes and came back out to see if it was still there and it was. It was a powerful, brilliant and so beautiful. It was a defining moment for me, a confirmation of sorts.

You see, I’ve been in the Storm, journeyed through the Rainbow to remember who I am and what I value and remembered how to appreciate people not for what they can do for me but for who they are.

We are currently in the astrological sign of Aries, with the new moon in Aries and Mercury direct, the world is full of go action. Passions ignite, anger prevails out in the world when people don’t get what they want. Those with the constant chase of the what they perceive to be the prize. The competitive nature running amuk. what can we do now? It’s time to put something out there to get where we are going! Take advantage of the abundance. It feels like a mad, crazy world.

Of late, someone brought up a book I wrote 5 years ago and said put it out there, it is time. Put my work out there.If any of you have read my blog, initially doing that that felt like ‘flogging a dead horse’, if you want to read more about that here’s that blog post Grounding the ‘Divine Feminine’.

I pondered about it a bit more what got me here with Crystal Apertures.

I’ve always believed in being in the moment, focusing for a while. Now’s meaning is obvious, though its importance cannot be overstated. When we are focused, measuring what we do in the present moment, not in the recent past or vague future, we are finding happiness and meaning in the present which gives us a feeling of optimism and satisfaction.

Sometimes when we look to the future we can worry or there is such an urgency to get there to what we perceive as better. We may have a vague idea and be working towards it. Although we have the intention, the plan turns out to be nothing like we thought, so all we can do is surrender to the control and follow with a vague inkling, keeping our intention alive with small steps heading and leaning forward but still appreciating right now.

The past is where we start and sometimes we have to remember what started us on our course, we don’t have to keep reliving it, just remember and be grateful for it. Sometimes we just get a reminder that we have done other things that still are part of our current journey.

I came to realise that consistency is important to me, that the foundation that came out of necessity, the writing of Lightning Seeds; Journey through the Rainbow was the first ‘grounded’ event of what I do now.  The photo is a selfie shot I sent to Roz when the very first book arrived at home while she was at work.  A confirmation for me that the amazing happens when no one is watching. A cherished moment I shared with my partner Roz and maybe a week later on facebook back in 2013.

In saying that, it was the very ‘grounded’ start of this journey with Crystals and my small business Crystal Apertures, the fleeting moments found in Crystals. Now the decision is Yes, this book is still part of my current journey.  As for reputation? – other people can worry about that.

I call my book nothing more than a tool that follows the ebbs and flows of life. Written out of necessity to remind me what I valued in life – Humanity. It doesn’t ask you to be like someone else and follow the crowd  but to be who you are and who you are becoming every single day of your life by opening up at any page and making what is in front of you, your own. It is like a contemplative friend. To remind you to value your authenticity which can be so very fragile in these times.

For me now, taking the photo’s of Crystals and putting the beauty of Nature on practical objects, is like bringing what is within Crystals, outwards. Drinking from a Mug everyday that contains the energy of the Earth, of Crystals nurturing you first thing in the morning every single day to remind you no matter what is going on that life is absolutely amazing, That each move we make is where we have choices just like the Mug we chose to drink out of everyday. That the extraordinary can happen in what we perceive to be the ordinary.

This is how my small business of Crystal Apertures started, where my work is registered as lightningseeds® a result of a storm, the book: Lightning Seeds: Journey through the Rainbow, after a meaningful sign from my mother who said to me before she died ‘I will always watch over you but when you see our rainbow, there’s a major reason Marie’ and my photographs and products under Crystal Apertures – the Fleeting moments found in Crystals, a heart and souls expression from a tangerine quartz sky, resonating with the solar plexus, the centre of self empowerment, self esteem, discernment and manifestation, reminding me to put the past in the past and about decisions I make heading towards my future, to never stop looking ahead, to never look to the limit of my potential.

The hard choices I have made to do what I do, have had a toll at times but to follow my passion, makes me come alive. When I get so focused, I realise without a doubt in those times that I am loved more than I love and I stop and enjoy life again to keep balance.  The miracle of life is mirrored to me and that is where my heart truly lies, in my partner Roz and our very close friends that I can count on one hand.

It always reminds me that there are times we walk alone and sometimes we are lucky enough to have those we love and who ‘see’ us, travel with us for part of the journey. This is my path at present, although I work alone in this small business, I am truly grateful for all the support.

All these wonderful signs to help get past the inherent ‘chaos’ of the world, allowing us all to recognise instead, the underlying order inherent in the universe where serenity reigns, keeping the faith and sharing our authentic selves where our hearts will always truly lie. It is all good. Always grateful x

Thanks for reading

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