Dunkin’ in the Dark

And so it is, the conversation continues. My Partner Roz and I recently won a portrait photography session with Cheryl Flett Portrait. We were asked to dress in black, which is not something we usually do because we both believe there is so much more to life but we were open to the opportunity that was given to us.

Simultaneously instead of Sequentially

The last few weeks I’ve been working with the seeds for a new project that just wasn’t quite there. After a really busy few months of being invited to a beautiful network of women and receiving this photography session as a prize, looking after my health, enjoying life alone and with my partner Roz and friends and family, yesterday afternoon I began to write again.

This photo session was major for me, once again, I found myself a focus of attention, it was uncomfortable for me not because I was afraid, but I guess because I see myself as one of the many, doing my own thing to bring awareness of this beautiful Earth to light. I have always believed we are all in this together and do things in our individual way towards one goal. The earth will remain long after we are gone on our journeys, so I’m appreciating this view of Nature while I’m here.

As a creative, I am aware that a piece of my heart and soul goes into everything I make, it isn’t about the end product so much or the money, its something that is in me, about the actual process. It’s why I can let the end product go, I guess sometimes I feel people don’t understand that. I endeavour to leave something of beauty that came from Nature,  landscapes rarely seen, found in Crystals, that people don’t get to see, than no one can trample all over in the name of discovery. Sometimes it’s a solo journey of discovery. It is what I love to do, it is my passion. People can see what they want to see within my work knowing it came from Nature.

My work always brings me to a contemplative space.

Grasp the shadow and miss the substance

The contemplation brought about ponderings, starting with being liable to be led astray by externalities, those who grasp at the shadow and miss the substance. Reaching for the “dangling carrot’ or the ‘magic bullet’ to not have to deal with our own shadow, or the shadow that life includes us in sometimes.

It can be a case of grasping for better instead of staying, until the shadow in whatever form it takes such as sorrow, becomes an answer, a meaning, pure joy and mirth. Just a message for ourselves or a shared message.

Sometimes we can reach for the ‘dangling carrot’, in the name of ‘better’ but there comes a time when the superficiality of it, eventually gets stripped away and we are back with our own unchanged patterns deep down.

Situations keep surfacing to remind us where we have perhaps taken a judgemental stance, a self righteous or presumptuous point of view, then passed an opinion which has only created awkwardness or suffering either for ourselves or for others (or both).

Either way, whether we do ‘shadow work’ or go the route of the ‘magic bullet’ and ‘dangling carrot’, we will find our ability to just check in with the inside and get a second opinion on how the external world, traditions, expected roles are constantly trying to tell us what is,  right/wrong, good/bad, for us to invest in.

Sometimes it’s like we are witnessing the world of moral judgements and noting how being overly critical is not only unhelpful, it perpetuates stubborn, fixed attitudes which can lead to harmful or negative consequences, where some degree of mindfulness, surface judgements and hasty appraisal are best avoided altogether.

It’s staying intent and focusing on all that is good within ourselves and this world which is sometimes a really hard thing to do. It is like being in a ‘void’. Four years ago during a major period of change, I wrote this, an excerpt from a book I once wrote, Lightning Seeds: Journey through the Rainbow


the void exists, the nothing

there never is a nothing within the void

there is divinity and truth

your divinity is your soul

your essence

on this plane, its your intuition

your reason for being

your purpose

your purpose it to be you

just as you are in any given moment

your truth is what you believe

a culmination of events, feelings


that has brought you to this point of light

the light within you

your personal power

how you are with people

how you deal with your emotions

what drives you

how your mind interprets your heart

your connection with the divine

do you believe in something greater

than yourself and believe it is also within you

as you live your life do so with

discernment, faith, wisdom and compassion

make no judgements and trust that

all is as it should be

be the best version of you that you can be

at any given moment

always be grateful


truth, light and love

Peace will abide

It is questionable just how much of this is happening on a conscious level now. Sometimes it feels like the collective world seems gripped under such a binding spell now that the forces of fate seem to be seizing the moment to radically steer humanity into an ever darker direction. The fear of war, of not having enough financially and finally of not being enough.

Right now, we can choose to acknowledge that at our centre, we are aware of our own being. Conscious of our one sense of awareness, the extent of our personal power, our keen ability to see and to say with certainty that ‘this concerns me’ or to say this has nothing to do with me.

It is staying intent and focusing on all that is good within ourselves, our loves, our families, our friends and our communities old and new, touched by a sense of ‘Oneness’, peace and inner harmony, right where we live. Remembering that You are Me and I am You, with love, compassion and empathy for each other and towards the world as it is right now. Sometimes we travel ‘Alone’, sometimes we travel with the one we love, our friends, family and community.

Thankyou to Cheryl Flett of Cheryl Flett Portraits for your gift.

This is the end of this piece of writing but the beginning of a project to come

“Mojo Crystals”

“With communion in the objects of real and universally recognized worth and association of like mind.”

Thanks for reading x



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