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Crystal Apparel for Little Souls who wear their own fur coats

Crystal Fur Baby Tilly and the Bandanas

Crystal Fur Baby Bandanas

The Crystal Fur Baby Bandana is a reversible triangular style bandana created to fit all dog breeds.

We use our own Crystal Apertures Fabric which is 100% Cotton Kona, pre-washed to avoid shrinkage.

These are available in 3 sizes: – Small, Medium and Large.

  • Small: Fits neck up to 30cm/12″ – Bandana measures 42cm/16.5″ wide, with a 21cm/8″ drop.
  • Medium: Fits neck up to 50cm/20″ – Bandana measures 64cm/25″ wide with a 32cm/12″ drop
  • Large: Fits neck up to 65cm/26″ – Bandana measures 77cm/30″ wide with a 39cm/15″ drop

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We have currently sold out, more in February of 2020!

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