The Lion’s Gate – to live as a verb in this sense of place


The Lion's Gate - to live as a verb in this sense of place Welcome back to the scratching of a blog that is Earthousedoodle. As everyone knows we are in the midst of ‘The Lion’s Gate”. To some it is just an astrological phenomena. Being born under the sign of Leo on the [...]

The Lion’s Gate – to live as a verb in this sense of place2018-08-10T19:42:27+10:00

The Crystal Moon in Me


The Crystal Moon in Me It's been a while since I contributed to this scratching of a blog called earthousedoodle. I only write from experience and if I have something that hopefully will resonate with someone. I recently was asked to design another pattern of the Eudialyte photograph that I had taken for some [...]

The Crystal Moon in Me2018-06-27T09:04:20+10:00

Rainbow Moonstone – Mother’s Legacy


Rainbow Moonstone - Mother's Legacy It’s coming up to Mother’s Day this weekend again. A day in which we celebrate Mothers, that nurturing Energy that surrounds and supports us. This image is dedicated to the nurturing feminine spirit. Rainbow moonstone is said to enhance feelings and encourages fervent desires, eager expectations and heartfelt resolve. [...]

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Mojo Crystals – break barriers


Mojo Crystals - break barriers It seems right now that we may find ourselves reacting to changes that life is bringing us. Sometimes we go backwards, to our old ways when we find ourselves reacting because we may find ourselves unable to step up and respond and start a new cycle. We check our [...]

Mojo Crystals – break barriers2018-01-03T14:39:26+11:00

‘Sojourn into the Grateful Noise’


'Sojourn into the Grateful Noise' With the end of 2016 I was clearing out my hard drive and came upon this macroshot. I thought it might be appropriate for January of this new year of 2017. This shot was taken 13 years ago. It's called 'Sojourn into the Grateful Noise'. This shot was taken in [...]

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‘There’s no Present like the Time’


‘There is no Present like the Time’ I remember this little twisted idiom from a movie ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’. “There is no Present like the Time”, it kept popping into my mind as I put my crystal photographs on these clocks on redbubble last week. The theme of time and value of [...]

‘There’s no Present like the Time’2018-01-03T14:39:28+11:00

Homing in on Roostery


Homing in on Roostery Hi Everyone, We’ve all had the experience of seeing a beautiful fabric design and thinking ‘ wouldn’t that make a beautiful..tea towel, tablecloth maybe even a chair!’’ That’s what I felt, so many ideas to make my macro shots practical. Then I found roostery.com, who uses my Crystal fabric from [...]

Homing in on Roostery2018-05-28T20:29:16+10:00