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It all starts in the heart loving what we do, with clarity, discipline and consistency. It’s about the acceptance of imperfection, diversity and flexibility of thought. Imagination, the restoration of our ability to think magically and creatively within reality, with a respect for Nature the greatest artist of them all. Using the imagination to contribute to the collective restoration of the soul, the invisible thread that connects us all.

With Love, Trust and Gratitude to those who know.

How we do it

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Rocks, minerals, crystals, call them what you will, Nature manifest in a rainbow of expression.

Our work is a product of living, of having a life not a replacement for one, where we accept our perceived and real limitations and get in touch with the part of our heart that’s not bound by time, space or season, our passion.

At the end of it all there is something beautiful, a photograph. Not necessarily practical all the time, that came from Nature, a Crystal, like a meditation a visualisation. We call them Crystal Apertures, home of lightning seeds® – the images of possibilities, inspiration and discovery – where everything each of us thinks and feels has a place in the dialogue.

What we do

We make things that are built on a bedrock of a clean simple experience – a Crystal.

  • Photographic images of fleeting moments found in Crystals to adorn the walls of your space.
  • Products including clothing covered in Crystal images, available through our website.
  • Crystal Fabric through Spoonflower and our website.
  • Crystal Apertures© by lightningseeds® is now a verified artist brand on RageOn.com
  • Contributing new materials, as visualisation tools for practitioners to use, bringing about another focus of practicality to Crystals, to aid in the expression of service to the Light.
  • A book to assist with the process of Change, that all started with a love of Crystals.

Challenging expectations and perceived limitations:

  • Subtract the obvious, embrace it with love and add the meaningful, reclaim your imagination and let your heart lead the way.
  • Taking the perspective of allowing instead of discounting our experiences in order to grow.
  • Choosing to focus on empowering the individual spirit, where strength, weakness or influence are not to be compared, they are simply the perspective that we in our reality choose to focus on.

Changing the lens through which we see the world:

  • For the love of Nature – Crystals,  where the beauty of the world needs no explanation, only your gentle conscious participation.
Marie J. Foster
Marie J. Fosterlightning seeds®
Registered Nurse, Naturopath/Homoeopath, Graphic Designer. Crystal photographer and occasional author.

It’s the intangible but present part of us from which human dignity derives. It’s what I found when I lost everything I thought I should be and stopped trying to find something new.  I was afraid to show that part of my life that I had hidden because I saw it as imperfection, a passion that didn’t seem to fit into this world. A passion, curiosity and imagination to see things differently, in a world in which we look at the big picture and that’s all we see and we think we know how it is.

My Twin Flame and Life Partner Roz Blacklock loves and supports me by ‘seeing me’, without expectations as I live my passion. My angelic support comes from my grandmother Marie Fraser who gave me the gift of art as a daily discipline and to my mother Betty-Ann Izzard, who gave me a sense of wonder and the gift of Crystals at the age of four. With the upcoming anniversary of my mother’s passing, I thought I would give her a gift, letting go of the beliefs that hold me back from being myself.

Just coddiwompling along, appreciating the fleeting moments we live in, that sometimes can be far more exquisite that the whole. It is with nothing but faith and love that I step into this unknown promise of life, in the hope that those of like-mind will find my appreciation of Nature. The fleeting moments found in Crystals, where the smallest things can take the most room in your heart.

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