Tangerine Quartz – Soul Stone


Tangerine Quartz - Soul Stone This macroshot was found in a Tangerine Quartz wand. It was taken a year ago in October 2015. Tangerine Quartz is the Soul Stone, it will host manifestation from the realm of spirit into physical form. It resonates with the solar plexus chakra, the energy centre of self-empowerment, self [...]

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Larimar – The stone of Peace


Larimar - the stone of Peace Larimar in Crystal Lore represents the embodiment of sea and sky energy, water and air. It is one of the cardinal water element stories, yet it is born of fire in its volcanic origins. People associate it with relaxation, peace, connecting to the healing powers of the dolphins, Atlantis. [...]

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Pink Danburite – Eye’s wide like a Child


Pink Danburite - 'Eye's wide like a Child' I found this fleeting moment in a beautiful little piece of Pink Dandurite. The Danburite came from my local Crystal shop - The Rainbow Runner in Hamilton, Newcastle. In Crystal lore, Pink Danburite is a spiritual stone carrying a very pure vibration, activating the intellect and [...]

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Garnet: The Passion and Pain of Nursing


Garnet: The Passion and Pain of Nursing What on earth has this piece of Almandine Garnet got to do with Nursing? Some of you will say, 'Oh no, not that airy fairy, mumbo jumbo, alternative crystal rubbish again! Give me Science every time, if you can't prove it, I don't want to know about [...]

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Quantum Quattro – Freedom in the Shatter


Freedom in the Shatter Quantum Quattro is a combination of Shattucktite, Malachite, Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Smokey Quartz and Silica. Quantum Quattro represents so many things regarding healing. It deals mainly with the heart chakra.  Quantum represents an abrupt change, sudden increase or a dramatic advance which is what you will receive from this beautiful stone. We [...]

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