Crystal Apertures

Fleeting moments found in Crystals

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A place of visionary realism, woven of the fabric of possibilities, inspiration and discovery.
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Visionary Realism

These images are united to create a new and unique reality somewhere between the surreal and science, representing the human capacity to imagine within reality. Making visible the more subtle and intuitive states of our existence.

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Fabric of Possibilities

Where we have the opportunity to create reality as beautiful, healthy and strong as our imagination permits. Drawing attention to life messages that can be found in nature, subtle differences easily overlooked, where the fragility of nature and life become metaphors for the human condition.

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Imagery inspired by the realms of imagination and meditation. Expanding notions, curiosity and discovery. Being resourceful with our Earth’s resources. Seeing diversity and gaining a greater respect for nature and each other. The gift of discernment to see beyond appearances into territories rarely familiar.

It is said that actions speak louder than words but when all the action, the doing is done, we find ourselves in silence. Where a feeling comes and if we listen, it turns into a quiet thought and a gentle word that we know comes from the deepest part of our hearts.

A book for Change.

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Creating consciously with Crystal Apertures Fabric.


Embodying the Beauty of Crystals into a Rainbow of Expression.

Let your senses be filled with pure joy and your heart overflow with true fulfillment as you drink from the natural vibrancy found in these Crystal Inspired Mugs.

A Gift from the Heart.

Crystal Mugs
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Crystal Fur Baby

The Crystal Fur Baby© collection grew out of a love for Pets, all things Crystal and that resilient spirit that both teach us. We are dedicated to crafting well made, beautifully designed products for Cats and Dogs, made with our very own crystal fabric.

For little souls wrapped up in their own fur coats, that leave a little sparkle wherever they go.